Train Speed Sensing

Train Speed Sensing equipment

For an entire system to be safe and precise, quality and ruggedness, self-diagnosis and reliability of train speed sensors are the decisive factors. Through different forms of output signals DEUTA sensors transport information reliably. DEUTA offers three groups of sensors, which are differentiated by their measurement principle.

  • Radar sensors
    They are contact-free and measure the speed and direction over the ground by exploiting the Doppler principle with a patented antenna arrangement
  • Pick-up sensors
    They operate saving space and are contact-free
  • Axle-mounted sensors
    They operate impervious to wear and tear and offer an extremely high durability

Which solution is right for you, depends on the precise requirements of every individual application and especially on the mechanical stress. DEUTA sensors can be integrated into the changing environments and can be used very flexibly.

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