On-Train Data Recorders

On Train Data Recording

DEUTA REDBOX® multi-functional recorders optimally adapt to any vehicle environment. The sophisticated REDBOX concept offers travel data recording and innovative service and evaluation options – compact and applicable worldwide.

Platform concept offers a variety of options
With REDBOX, DEUTA relies on a single platform that allows many recorder variants. The core of the device, consisting of communication structure, microprocessor and memory module, is the stable base for all multi-functional recorders.

DEUTA consistently implements the high technological standards of its products in patented solutions; for example the speed calculation algorithm of the REDBOX is based on a Kalman filter and submitted for patent. With the REDBOX family, DEUTA continues its "everything from one source" strategy. DEUTA manufactures, develops, equips, qualifies and offers worldwide support for all multi-functional recorder related concerns.

In addition to the core function of datarecording the Redbox is flexible enough to add additional safety functionality with the addition of the Safe+ module

Example functions include

- Driving safety switch (DSD)

- Standstill detection

- Rollbeack protection

- Monitoring of maximum speed

- Monitoring of limit speed

- Speed signals

Worldwide service
Thanks to the Web interface, the REDBOX recorders offer completely new service opportunities. You can check the device status or fill level of the data storage at any time. Diagnostic messages and software versions as well as language settings are available through the Web interface. Due to the Web browser the adjustments to different operating systems is not necessary.

Everything in view
With the ADS 4 evaluation software you graph and tabulate the recorded travel data. Since the travel data storage reconstructs the data in any resolution, you can more easily evaluate events, especially at a high resolution of the recorded travel data.

DEUTA REDBOX® recorders – variety of options for your application: Benefits at a glance

  • Individual: DEUTA handles the entire process: production, assembly, qualification, support
  • Standardized: the technology concept for all multi-functional recorders
  • Robust: with regard to extreme environmental conditions
  • Convenient: the service functions for reading and analysing the travel data
  • Integrative: the multi-functional recorders optimally adapt to the system environment of the vehicle

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