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The control of shunting locomotives has always presented unique problems of safety and efficiency. Traditional methods are labour intensive, requiring an operator in the cab and at least one other on the ground, and are inherently unsafe as the man on the ground cannot always be seen by the loco driver and communication between the two can be misunderstood leading to the possibility of severe or fatal accidents.

The use of radio remote control on shunting locomotives in the UK has already been proved to be highly successful with private industrial users. Not only have large savings been made by more efficient use of manpower but the number of accidents has been greatly reduced. One large user has reported a reduction of accidents by up to 70%. The use of fail safe radio remote control puts the control of the loco into the hands of the operator during the work of route setting and coupling/un-coupling wagons. (It puts the focus of control at the relevant point).

SELLA CONTROLS has converted a number of industrial locomotives and Class 08 shunting locomotive to radio remote control using the Laird fail safe EC/LO radio control system.

For example the conversion of the Class 08 not only involved the fitting of a radio control system but also required the implementation of an interface system that could effectively control 1940’s technology with 21st century technology, the complete electrical and pneumatic design and interface was provided by SELLA CONTROLS.

Backed up by many years of experience in the radio remote control business, SELLA CONTROLS supplies proven products, which provide complete solutions certified to the latest international standards for functional safety (EN61508, EN50239, EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129).

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