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DEUTA Multi-Functional Terminals
DEUTA multi-functional terminals are the optimal solution for customised display and visualisation applications. All units are based on the same technological and design concept: a baseboard containing all the interfaces, plus an integrated PC. This concept ensures easy portability of the client's software across the different terminal models. All DEUTA multi-functional terminals feature rugged displays with high contrast and brightness. Our clients profit from the excellent price/performance ratio, combined with high MTBF and optimised life-cycle costs.

Depending on the application and the installation conditions, there are different display sizes available, and a variety of Fieldbus and interface variants. The flexibility of DEUTA's multi-functional terminals is also demonstrated in the choice of available operating systems: the terminals support QNX, LINUX, Microsoft Windows, and DOS.

For Safety applications the patented DEUTA IconTrust® monitors dedicated areas of the TFT screen. This can be implemented for safety applications up to the SIL3

DEUTA multi-functional terminals can be used in a wide range of application fields:

Diagnostics display

  • Visualisation of virtual instruments
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Driver-machine interfaces for ETCS (European Train Control System)
  • Driver-machine interfaces for CBTC (Communication Based Train Control)

Advantages at a glance:

  • Standardised technology and consistent design concept for all multi-functional terminals
  • Easy portability of the client's software
  • Form-fit-function compatibility (see the section on Obsolescence)
  • Robust in extreme environmental conditions (see section on Environmental Conditions)
  • High MTBF values

Indicators from DEUTA
Depending on their application, analogue indicators are further divided into eddy-current, moving-coil, and stepper-motor types. But each type has three things in common – security, precision, and high availability.

DEUTA indicators can process a wide variety of inputs – whether current, voltage, or pulse-width modulated signals. Any kind of physical parameters can be displayed, depending on the electronics integrated in the indicator.

Analogue indicators from DEUTA are:

  • robust
  • reliable
  • universally adaptable to meet a client's specific requirements
  • easy to read
  • precise

Special distinguishing features of our indicators:

  • Adaptable and customisable
  • Colour scheme (front panel, scales, indicator, printing)
  • Scale divisions
  • Luminescent colour, key lighting
  • Various extra functions
  • Optional incorporation of the client's logo
  • Additional text

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