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Through our own designed products, custom solutions and our product partners, SELLA CONTROLS is able to offer a range of products and solutions for on-board rail vehicles.

  • Tracklink RFID based technology using infrastructure mounted tags or beacons to provide application specific data to trains. Applications examples such as Selective Door Operation, Correct Side door enabling, traction limiting, pantograph raise or lower, tunnel enter/exit, regenerative braking on/off and any other geographical trigger data
  • Special External cameras for Driver Only Operation (DOO), Pantograph and Front facing application including Airflow optimized dust and weather protection housings for use with high speed trains
  • Drivers displays and indicators for use in train cabs including driver displays for use with ETCS and approved up to safety level SIL3
  • Train speed sensing by various technologies such as Doppler Radar, Hall Effect, magnetic, axle mounted pulse and AC generators
  • Data recording DEUTA REDBOX® is available for every application including OTMR, JRU & ETCS recorder
  • From the REDBOXlog data recorder to the REDBOXflex safe+ multi-functional recorder with variable interface flexibility and SIL functions up to SIL 4
  • Fail safe radio control for control of rail vehicles in shunting applications
  • Safety and control. Bespoke or COTS safety solutions for rail vehicles.

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