Tata Steel Europe Scunthorpe Wheel Slip

Application: Wheel Slip/Slide Protection, Adhesion Control, Throttle Interface and Data Logging
Installation Area: Scunthorpe, UK
Client: Tata Steel Europe

A typical scheme has been implemented at Tata Steel Europe in Scunthorpe where SELLA CONTROLS has converted many locos on site to radio remote control to include traction PLCs, governors, new control desk and even new engines.

The following features were provided on the Scunthorpe locomotives:

  • Wheel spin and wheel skid protection. This reduces wheel and track wear and effectively eliminates wheel flat spots
  • Maximum power control to regulate tractive effort to optimise the power performance of the locomotive and to eliminate overloading of the drive train
  • Automatic sanding to improve adhesion where relevant by the application of sand
  • Automatic speed regulation which enables the whole train to be driven at a constant speed without driver intervention while loading, unloading or traversing a weigh bridge. The speed control automatically adjusts for varying railhead conditions, wheel adhesion and varying load
  • Multiple use of traction. Two locos may be coupled together and communicate via a serial link in order to improve load carrying capacity
  • Monitoring of various items such as traction current, traction motor temperature, earth leakage, reservoir and brake pressures, water/oil level for operational protection of the locomotive
  • Data logging. This includes fault recording, incident records and operational reports
  • New control desk for ease of use in manual control and new programmable governing system

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