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Application: Radio Remote Control
Client: Tata Steel Europe
Installation Areas: Port Talbot, Scunthorpe, Redcar

The control of shunting locomotives has always presented unique challenges to safety and efficiency. Traditional methods are labour intensive, requiring an operator in the cab and at least one other on the ground.

This is inherently unsafe as the man on the ground cannot always be seen by the loco driver and communication between the two can be misunderstood leading to the possibility of severe or fatal accidents. The use of radio remote control on shunting locomotives in the UK has already proved to be highly successful with private industrial users. The use of failsafe radio remote control puts the control of the loco into the hands of the operator during the work of route setting and coupling/un-coupling wagons. (It puts the focus of control at the relevant point). ­

The conversions not only involve the fitting of a radio control system to the locos but also include the implementation of an interface system that could effectively control mechanical controls with 21st century technology. The remote control system fitted (Sella-Theimeg EC/LO) was the first remote control in the world specifically designed to adhere to the European safety regulations for radio controlled locomotives (EN 50239). The TH-EC/LO is the result of a software and hardware design effort which incorporates technology required by the latest European regulations, especially EN 50126, EN50128 and EN 50129. This guarantees the safe operation of a remotely controlled locomotive. Thus remote control becomes a major and important tool for increasing the availability and cost effectiveness of a modern shunting operation.

The system is suitable for all types of locomotives and fulfils the highest safety requirement of the risk class AK6 (DIN v 1925) and Safety Integrity Levels SIL3 (EN 50128), SIL3 (EN 50129) and SIL3 (IEC 61508) for these applications.

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