Nexus - Trainborne Trainstop Control

Application: Trainborne Trainstop Control System
Installation Area: Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK
Client: Nexus / Metro

The current Train Stop system is based on the European Indusi signalling system, this works with beacons on the track which oscillate at 1 KHz or 2 KHz depending on the condition of the signal, red or green.

The trainborne trainstop electronics detect the presence of these 1 KHz or 2 KHz signals and bring the train to automatic stop if the driver fails to manually bring the train to a halt. The trainborne electronics were designed in the 1970’s and had become life expired and increasingly difficult to maintain. SELLA CONTROLS has designed a new trainborne control stop system which functionally is the same as the old system but has improved diagnostics and a safer and improved method of tuning the electronics to the trainborne magnets. The new system also incorporates a datalogger.

The contract covers 90 Metro vehicles and 3 works locomotives (+ 1 tamper) to be fitted out with new equipment to replace the original Control boxes, filter units and relay banks. Our scope of supply includes the design of a prototype system, type testing, fitting of 5 off pre-production units with a 30 day trial, full safety approvals and delivery of the remaining units.

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