London Underground - SDO and CSDE

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Application: Selective Door Opening and Correct Side Door Enabling
Installation Area: London Underground
Client: London Underground

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by Metronet Rail SSL (now owned by London Underground) for the design and supply of a selective door opening (SDO) and correct side door enabling (CSDE) system to ensure the correct amount of doors are enabled and the doors in the train adjacent to the platform are enabled. (Read the detailed case study here).

The system utilises SELLA CONTROLS' unique Tracklink III solution, which is the latest generation of Track to Train communication systems. The system comprises a passive beacon which is fixed to the platform, and train mounted equipment consisting of two antennas, Tracklink III reader and SIL2 programmable controller. The trackside beacon sends information regarding which side the platform is on and which doors should be opened, depending on the platform’s length. This is received by the antenna and the reader and the information is processed by the controller which opens the corresponding doors. The Tracklink III antenna, reader and controller installed on 191 new Bombardier trains and the passive trackside beacons is fitted on the Circle, District, Metropolitan and City lines.

This is the latest Metronet contract awarded to SELLA CONTROLS, after previously taking delivery of runback protection systems for use on the London Underground.

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