Invensys Rail - Doppler Radar Sensors

Application: Deuta-Werke Doppler Radar Sensors
Installation Area: Taiwan and Singapore
Client: Invensys Rail

Hima-Sella has completed delivery on the first of two significant orders to Invensys Rail for Deuta-Werke’s Doppler radar sensors. The first order for 69 sensors, is in relation to Invensys’ provision of trackside and trainborne equipment for trains serving Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The second order relates to identical equipment for trains serving Singapore’s Downtown Line, for which 179 sensors are being supplied.

Mounted under a train, Doppler sensors are ideal for making accurate speed measurements as they can be used to complement the readings of standard tachometers but are not influenced by wheel slip. Invensys Railfirst employed the technology on London Underground’s Victoria Line andwas keen to use it again in Taiwan and Singapore.

Hima-Sella is Deuta-Werke’s exclusive distributor in the UK and in addition to providing the sensors, is also providing technical support. Dueta-Werke’s radar sensors are cited as the first to make use of the Doppler principle for the railways. The sensor being employed in Taiwan and Singapore is Dueta-Werke’s dual-channel DRS 05/1, which offers high precision and an impressive measurement range.

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