Grangemouth - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Installation Area: Grangemouth, UK
Client: Rohm & Haas (Scotland) Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by Rohm & Haas to supply an Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) for a high pressure cleaning system used at its plant in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Rohm & Haas has added high pressure cleaners to five reactors at its Grangemouth plant. The high pressure cleaners have been installed in the reactors to reduce the time taken to clean the reactors, in turn making the production of resins and polymers more efficient. The ESD system, supplied by SELLA CONTROLS, is based on the HIMA HIQuad H51q HS programmable logic controller (PLC). The I/O of each reactor is configured onto individual module cards in order to increase plant availability and fault tolerance. The logic used for the high pressure cleaning ESD ties in with existing logic previously supplied by SELLA CONTROLS. The SELLA CONTROLS system, which is powered by HIMA power supplies, interfaces with both existing HIMA Planar F systems and the ABB DCS on site.

This contract is the latest in a long line of contracts won by SELLA CONTROLS at the Grangemouth plant and includes the design, manufacture installation and commissioning of the system.

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