Coryton Refinery, Burner Management System (BMS)

Application: Burner Management System (BMS)
Installation Area: Petroplus Refinery, Coryton
Client: Petroplus Refining

SELLA CONTROLS provided three SIL 3 certified programmable Burner Management Systems at the Coryton Refinery in Essex. Their function is to protect personnel, production and environmental assets.

Each boiler system is capable of shutting down / starting up independently of other units, utilising the standalone HIMA H51q-HS programmable logic controller.

Each panel comprises suite of 2 cabinets both fitted with 2 swingframes. The safety PLC includes mounting for 9 off I/O racks.

The panels have a tiled matrix fitted on the front doors which provide maintenance override keyswitches and status LEDs.

The I/O modules are in duplex configuration for the field signals and simplex configuration for the Front of Panel (FOP) matrix.

The HIMA fault tolerant, failsafe systems provide an integrated control solution for Burner Management Systems, and operate within similar parameters to those of a normal Emergency Shutdown System.

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