Compressor Station - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Installation Area: Ajdovščina Compressor Station, Slovenia
Client: Eurotherm

SELLA CONTROLS secured a contract through Eurotherm in the UK for a SIL2 rated Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) for implementation on the Ajdovščina Compressor Station in Slovenia.

The ESD comprises HIMA HIQuad programmable technology and is configured using simplex logic with redundant communications to meet the requirements of this project. It has been more than a quarter of a century since the introduction of gasification in Slovenia and the existing systems have been operating at maximum capacity for the past few years, therefore the introduction of a second gas compressor station at Ajdovščina, near the Italian border, was crucial to increase capabilities.

Natural gas consumption has the largest growth among all fuels in Slovenia and is expected to increase by over 65 percent by the year 2015. The Natural gas currently used begins its journey in the depths of the earth in remote producing areas in Russia, Algeria and Northern Europe. From these wells the fuel travels through large international pipelines to the Slovenian border where it is then directed to industry and private residences. Natural gas is transported throughout Slovenia 24 hours a day, without interruption thanks to 24 hour control and monitoring of the system and gas flowline.

Special attention is paid at all times to compressor stations, which are the heart of the gas pipeline system. The first compressor station is close to the border with Austria, near Kidričevo, with the second station near to the town of Ajdovščina, well underway.

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