Zakum Gas Injection - HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Offshore Abu Dhabi
Client: Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company

Due to falling reservoir pressures in the mature ZAKUM field, ADMA-OPCO needed to provide Gas Injection to maintain the oil reservoir production rates. The reservoir itself has structural problems, where gas break-through to the platforms is possible at full gas injection pressures.

In such circumstances, the gas would over-pressurise the pipework downstream from the wellheads, causing severe damage and ruptures, resulting in the release of oil directly into the Persian Gulf. It was determined that a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) would be required on the 3 wellhead platforms affected, meeting the requirements of IEC 61508 SIL2 for the complete loop.

Following detailed negotiations, the contract was awarded to SELLA CONTROLS for the supply of the complete HIPPS loop equipment, consisting of pressure transmitters and manifolds, logic solver, solenoid valves, hydraulic and manual actuators and gate valves. SIL2 certified transmitters were procured and we utilised the solid state HIMA Planar4 SIL3/4 logic modules in a SIL3 simplex configuration, mounted into Exe ‘N’ stainless steel enclosures. A Third Party Review of the system was involved in all stages of the design, procurement and testing to monitor and ensure that the systems would still meet the requirements. SELLA CONTROLS' compliance with the requirements was rewarded with the first ever certificate awarded by CASS / SIRA for functional safely in compliance with IEC 61508.

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