Tengiz, Kazakhstan - Programmable Electronic System (PES)

Application: Programmable Electronic System (PES)
Installation Area: Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan
Client: PCC Sterling and PFD

SELLA CONTROLS supplied a H51q-HS programmable electronic system (PES) to PCC Sterling, UK. The PES was for incorporation into a larger Burner Management System for location in the Tengiz field on the Western coast of Kazakhstan.

The system, containing duplexed I/O, was designed and built in accordance with SIL3 at IEC61508. SELLA CONTROLS then carried out full integration of the PES with the associated tie-in control cabinets, which we designed, built and supplied directly to PFD for this project.

Tengiz is currently one of the biggest oil fields in the world, containing 24 billion barrels of high quality oil and between six and nine billion barrels of recoverable oil. Crude oil production at Tengiz was approximately 1.5 million tonnes in 1993 but continuous projects and developments have meant that by 2004 capacity reached 9.6 million tonnes. The most recent project (Tengiz Train 5) is intended to increase production to 370,000 barrels per day.

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