Peru LNG Export - HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Peru LNG Project, Pampa Malchorita, Peru

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded the contract to provide a High Integrity Pressure Protection System for use on the Peru LNG Export Project in Pampa Malchorita, Peru. The Peru LNG Export Project is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) liquefaction plant located approximately 170 km south of Lima. The project, one of the largest ever to be undertaken in Peru, is seen as one of the most important resources in the Peruvian governments energy strategy.

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded the contract to design, build, wire, test and deliver a HIPPS logic solver using solid state HIMA Planar4 technology. The HIPPS valves are tripped by an overpressure signal detected by three pressure transmitters. The configuration is based on 2oo3 voting, giving a high reliability and high availability for the system.

The logic used in the HIPPS will be in a dual logic configuration, either of which will maintain the outputs in a healthy condition, meaning any single trip due to the failure of a Fail safe module will not cause a trip. The system provided by SELLA CONTROLS is rated at SIL3, in accordance with IEC61508. The Peru LNG Project will export the natural gas produced, in excess of domestic demand, and is expected to generate approximately $800 million per year. Exports are expected to commence in mid 2010.

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