KårstØ Utbyggings - ESD with Marshalling

Application: ESD with Marshalling
Installation Area: KårstØ, Haugesund, Norway
Client: MW Kellogg for Statoil

SELLA CONTROLS was selected by contractor MW Kellogg, to design, engineer, build and test six separate safety shutdown systems which are now situated on a third gas processing train on this Statoil owned project. These Emergency Shutdown Systems comprise of marshalling cabinets, HIMA Planar F solid state logic cabinets and HIMA HIQuad PLC system cabinets.

Planar F and HIQuad meet the safety standards of IEC 61508 and DIN V 19250. The PLC’s are programmed using the latest HIMA programming software package ELOP II, based on the requirements of IEC 61131-3. Each of these solutions is used to control the safety functions over vast areas of the Europipe II, Receiving Area, Propane, Ethane, Sales Gas and the larger Train 400 pipelines on the plant.

KUP involves the subsea and subterrainean transportation of oil and gas between the Karsto plant on the East coast of Norway and the Asgard offshore oil field. The KUP Project was completed in early 2000 and SELLA CONTROLS continues to have a number of similar safety and control system projects in hand, utilising the very latest in HIMA safety system technology.

The KårstØ Utbyggings Prosjekt (KUP) in Haugesund, Norway was one of the larger projects undertaken by SELLA CONTROLS at the time. Since then, the KEP2010 project has become our largest to date.

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