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Sella Controls - KEP 2010 Kårstø Expansion Project

KEP 2010 Kårstø Expansion Project

Application: ESD, HIPPS and CAP (Critical Action Panel)
Installation Area: Kårstø Gas Processing Plant, Norway
Client: MW Kellogg, for Statoil Hydro

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract to renew some of the major safety equipment at the Kårstø gas plant in southern Norway. Statoil is assisted by MW Kellogg as the EPCA contractor on the project, as it has been on three previous expansions at this facility. This work follows on from a £1m contract successfully completed in 2004.

Download an in-depth explanation of SELLA CONTROLS' involvement in this key project.

Located 60km north of Stavanger, the Kårstø plant serves thirty major gas fields and processes more than 30% of all gas exported from Norway into Europe. The plant’s significance to the Norwegian economy means that the technical services provider, Statoil, decided that only the most reliable and cost effective systems could be used.

SELLA CONTROLS is upgrading systems originally installed by HIMA 20 years ago. The work is in three areas: ESD, HIPPS and CAP - replacing the 20 year-old ‘Planar F’ system with state-of-the-art HIMA HIQuad H51q programmable electronic system. The systems will oversee safe operation of the Train 100, 200, 300, 400, Ethane, Propane Caverns, Storage and Loading, Utilities and Asgard Sales Gas plant areas.

The new systems will incorporate Statoil’s technical requirements and latest design standards to make them more efficient and more cost effective and improve system testing on the running plant. Separating the Process Control and Data Acquisition (PCDA) system from the rest of the control measures will give greater flexibility and enhance the system’s already enviable safety record.

The replacement of these systems is part of the NOK6.5 billion (£580 billion - €394 billion) KEP2010 upgrade of the Statpipe/Sleipner area of the plant – the third largest in the world - designed to make it more robust for safe and efficient operations for many years to come. Major work was finished in 2010 with the project being completed in 2012.

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