Hammerfest - ESD, HIPPS, SIS

Application: Multiple Safety Systems (ESD, SIS, HIPPS)
Installation Area: Hammerfest, Norway
Client: ABB AS

SELLA CONTROLS was selected by ABB AS to fully design and engineer multiple safety systems for use on the LNG plant.

We provided multiple protection systems, including Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Safety Instrument Systems (SIS) and High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) to oversee operations on the Process Barge LNG plant itself. Using a combination of the HIMA Planar4 hardwired and HIMA HIQuad programmable technology, our systems interface with the ABB DCS to give maximum asset protection.

Snøhvit is currently the most northerly gas field to be explored anywhere in the world and is to be the first major development on the Norwegian continental shelf with no surface installations. No fixed or floating units are visible. Sub-sea production facilities stand on the seabed, in water depths of over 250 metres.

A total of 21 wells are expected to produce gas from the Snøhvit, Askeladd and Albatross fields which will then be transported through a 160-kilometre pipeline to the Onshore gas processing facilities on the specially prepared island at Melkøya, just outside Hammerfest. Melkøya will carry out cooling and processing of the gas which will then be transported out in special tanker vessels.

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