Safeguarding Against Over-pressure

February 2016

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Stockport, United Kingdom – Specialist safety instrumentation systems provider Hima-Sella has been awarded a contract to develop and supply three High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) to protect against over-pressure on a subsea gas field development in Indonesia. Between them, the three HIPPS will protect the product pipes and downstream equipment for almost a dozen subsea wellheads.


Eddy Turnock, Hima-Sella’s Sales & Marketing Director, comments: “This is a complex subsea development with several production flow lines, umbilicals, a tethered processing barge close to the field and export pipes for processed gas and condensates. It is essential to protect all equipment downstream of the wellheads against high pressures, and we’re delighted that the operator has turned to Hima-Sella to engineer a high-integrity, fail-safe solution.”


The overall solution is to meet Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3, as defined under functional safety standard IEC-61508, and Hima-Sella is building each HIPPS around a HIMA Planar 4 fail-safe solid-state logic solver. Turnock adds: “As a solid-state logic solver there’s no software with which to contend and the Planar 4, which can even be used in SIL4 applications, offers extremely high reliability and availability.”


Each of the three HIPPS will be mounted in a stainless steel cabinet on the processing barge and will interface with a number of actuator-controlled valves and pressure sensors. Each cabinet will have a tile mimic containing lamps, switches and pushbuttons. Information from the HIPPS - including system status, pressure readings and valve closure times – will be made available to other systems via a Modbus communications facility.


The three HIPPS cabinets are currently under construction at Hima-Sella’s premises in Stockport, and installation and commissioning of the equipment is scheduled for Q3 of this year.

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