Paying Tribute to Ian Parry

April 2015

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Hima-Sella announces with great sadness the passing of Ian Parry, a leading figure in the world of functional safety and whose considerable efforts are today protecting the lives of personnel working in hazardous environments.
Stockport, United Kingdom – Specialist Safety Instrumentation Systems provider Hima-Sella pays tribute to long-serving employee Ian Parry, who sadly passed away on 6th April 2015. Ian - who was a member of the Institute of Measurement and Control Safety Panel and was actively involved in many of its Functional Safety conferences, workshops and seminars – contributed greatly to safety within a variety of hazardous industries.

Towards the end of 2014, despite his failing health, Ian worked resolutely to find a solution to one particular engineering challenge at a gas terminal. The results of Ian’s efforts, on what was to be his last project, are now installed and protecting the lives of personnel, the environment and expensive assets.

Ian Wright, Chairman of Hima-Sella, comments: “We live in a safer world thanks to Ian Parry, and that is by no means an exaggeration. He was a truly remarkable person, a craftsman who took personal pride in finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. He was well-known and respected, both in the UK and overseas, for his expertise and always captivated audiences when he gave lectures at trade events and institute gatherings. Ian will be very much missed at Hima-Sella, and by countless other industry professionals.”

Ian’s engineering career commenced in the early 1970s, when he joined SKIL Controls Limited following a period of study at Liverpool Polytechnic. With the North Sea Oil & Gas industry in its infancy, Ian got to work on the safety shutdown systems for some of the very first and pioneering offshore oil developments to be commissioned; including BP Forties Field, Chevron Ninian Field and BP Thistle Field. Ian also worked on the design and construction of the Robertshaw pneumatic logic systems and soon became very knowledgeable on this technology. He then went on to become one of SKIL’s most knowledgeable engineers, delivering systems for the Zakum refining complex (Abu Dhabi) and to develop systems still in use today for the Wytch Farm oil field in Hampshire. In 1989, Ian joined Hima-Sella Limited in the engineering department. His initial assignment was to work on a series of projects for the then BP Grangemouth complex. However, it was soon recognised that Ian was not only a talented engineer but also an excellent coach and mentor, to both novice and experienced engineers, and he was always willing to help those with queries or challenging design issues. He became the ‘go to man’ to bounce ideas off, always giving solid advice without thought of personal gain or office politics.

With his in-depth knowledge of functional safety and his approachable and affable personality, Ian soon found his talents in demand within the sales arena and in the development of new business opportunities. Ian went on to become Hima-Sella’s representative on the IEC 61508 association’s committee and played an instrumental role in the formation of Hima-Sella’s dedicated Functional Safety Management Team, which he subsequently led. Ian’s interest in engineering was also evident in his hobbies. He was an avid railway enthusiast; a keen railway modeller and an active member of the Duchess of Sutherland locomotive preservation society. Ian was also the person to talk to about anything to do with any type of aircraft; with his specialist subjects being Concorde and the Avro Vulcan. Most recently, Ian rekindled his love of motorbikes by restoring his beloved BSA Bantam to near showroom condition. Ian’s biggest love though was his family. He adored his wife, Karen, and his two children, Craig and Claire. Sadly, in early 2014, Karen passed away suddenly. With typical stoicism and the support of his children, Ian put on a brave face and threw himself back into work with renewed vigour.

Ian’s funeral was held on Tuesday 21st April. He will be missed by his family, friends and work colleagues. A true enthusiast to the end, Ian helped make the world a safer place throughout his professional life and a better place for those who had the good fortune to know him.

Ian Parry (1953 – 2015) was a leading figure in the world of functional safety and whose considerable efforts are today protecting the lives of personnel working in hazardous environments..

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