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SELLA CONTROLS works in tandem with its product partners to provide innovative cost-effective, safe and totally reliable control, safety and communication systems for the transport industry.

With over 40 years’ experience, we have proven expertise in designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining complex safety and control systems related to the transport industry.

A dedicated team of automation engineers and designers concentrate on transport-related projects, providing a full range of services from an initial site visit and consultation through to project management, testing, factory and site acceptance testing, installation and maintenance.

A comprehensive range of post installation technical support and training packages is available to support the systems we have installed. Examples include Track to Train communication, using the SELLA CONTROLS Tracklink system, developed in-house by our own team of Research and Development engineers. At the other end of the spectrum, we also offer product components, such as tachometers, sensors, data loggers, CCTV cameras and large screen displays.

Listed below are the applications we offer:

  • Multi-function, touch screen, digital and analogue ERTMS/ ETCS
  • Traditional tachometers to Doppler Radar Shunting systems, from simple rope haulage systems to diesel hydraulic shunters Specialist CCTV cameras and monitoring for rail vehicles Track to Train Communication Train control.

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